Resetting Calibration on ST-700 from Windows PC

Important Note:  These instructions are for ST-700 (SimplicityTouch 70") panels, however, there are some ST-700 panels that require a different tool for updating calibration. If the SN or your ST-700 falls within one of these SN ranges then you will need to use a different tool.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

ST-700 Serial Numbers NOT covered by these instructions:  ST-700-008913 through ST-700-008918; ST-700-9413 through ST-700-009946.  All other ST-700 serial numbers are covered by these instructions.


1)  Download the TouchWinSetup archive from this link:

2) Unzip the archive and install the WinTouchSetup application on your Windows PC.

3) Connect the PC to the ST-700 that needs recalibrated.  Make sure both video and USB touch cables are connected.

4) Open the program. It will be under Programs/Timelink folder.

5) Click on Reset under Setting.  Then Click Apply.