SimplicitySlate Getting Started

Set-Up Procedure:
** Insert the 2 AA batteries into the back of the slate and insert the AAA battery into the pen.
1.  Remove the Receiver Dongle from the back battery storage compartment of the SimplicitySlate.  Place the small USB Receiver in a USB port on your computer, the Driver will install automatically. When you first put this USB Receiver Dongle in the computer's USB Port, the USB Receiver should flash a few times.
 2.  Pairing the device - locate the button under the image of a "sun" half asleep and half awake on the front, top right of the slate.  Press this "sun button" and HOLD while you turn the pad to ON (ON/OFF switch is on the side of pad).  When you turn the pad ON, you should be holding the "sun button" at the same time; Then the pad's LED light should start blinking blue.  This light blinks blue when the pad is active and successfully linked to the computer.  If the pad goes into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity, simply press the sleep/wake "sun image button" to wake it.  (This pairing process is necessary once.  After the device is paired, you only need to power the slate on/off using the side power switch).
3. Once the SimplicitySlate is active (blinking blue) then the Pad has been successfully linked to the computer.  At this point, you can hover the pen slightly over the pad and the cursor will appear on your computer screen. No software necessary for this.  Your SimplicitySlate will now afford you freedom to control your computer as you move around the room.
Video Support:
Setup the hardware:
Tips for using the pen:
Power Troubleshooting:
The Slate does not have an actual Power Indicator Light, but when powering On the slate you will need to look for the pad's tiny LED Light blinking Blue.  Regardless of the Pen or the Pen battery status, this blinking blue light on the pad itself means that the pad is powered properly and has been successfully linked to the computer, thus signifying that both the Slate and the tiny USB Receiver Dongle are both functioning properly.  If the slate's LED will not blink blue (and you know the proper link-up procedure was followed) then the problem is either in the Simplicity Slate itself OR the USB Receiver Dongle (one or the other"..rarely both).  
If the power light blinks RED, the batteries are low.  If there isn't any illuminated color on the sensor, the device did not Pair properly.  Follow the set-up steps.
Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to have to place the tiny USB Receiver Dongle in a different USB Port on the computer, since all USB Ports are not always powered the same.
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  • 25-Aug-2017