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Running Touch Diagnostics on ST-700
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These instructions are for ST-700 (SimplicityTouch 70") panels, however, there are some ST-700 panels that require a different tool for running diagnostics.


If the SN or your ST-700 falls within one of these SN ranges then you will need to use a different tool.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below.


ST-700 Serial Numbers NOT covered by these instructions:  ST-700-008913 through ST-700-008918; ST-700-9413 through ST-700-009946.  All other ST-700 serial numbers are covered by these instructions.


Running Touch Diagnostics

  1. Download the touchscreen diagnostic  archive from this link Download Here.
  2. Unzip the archive and save the files to the computer that you will connect to the ST-700 to perform the tests.  Note: it must be a PC with Windows operating system.
  3. Connect the PC to the ST-700 that needs to be tested.  Make sure both video and USB touch cables are connected.
  4. Open the program "". 

  5. It will now fill entire screen. You'll need to use a keyboard to switch between diagnostic screens.   The first diagnostic will indicate if there are currently any faulty sensors.  If the test result is NG (no good/fail) then the panel will need to be replaced or repaired.

  6. If test result was OK then use a short straight object like a business card, index card, credit card, or even cell phone, to run around the edges of the panel frame.  This will block the sensors.  

    This will make the status change from OK to NG as it simulates bad sensors.  Slowly move the straight object along the edge of the frame slowly covering the sensors along all four sides.  

    Make note of any areas where there are gaps in the sensor readout.  See image below.  If your object is blocking the entire section shown but there is a gap in the sensor readout data then this indicates a defect and the panel will need to be replaced.

  7. After testing to find bad sensor areas press the SPACE bar to move to the drawing test.  Here you will be able to use fingers to draw.  Try to draw all over the display to see if you can find any defective areas.

  8. Press SPACE to move on to final test which is the frame rate test.  Here you will look for an FPS number of between 115 and 140.  If it is below 115 please note it and report it to support.

  9. If your panel fails any of the tests above it will most likely require replacement.  It is easy to use the SNAP function on the remote control to take snapshots of the testing results.  

    Simply insert a USB flash thumb drive into one of the "HOME" USB slots on the panel and then press SNAP on the remote to take a screenshot.  

    The screen will be saved to the SCREENSHOTS folder on the USB drive.  You can then easily send the results to us for confirmation that the panel needs replaced.



If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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