SimplicitySlate Driver for Windows 8 and 10

For optimal performance on both Windows 8 and 10 computers it is recommended that you install the optional driver/software for the SimplicitySlate.  This new driver/program will allow the user to change the slate's working area to different connected displays as well as change some settings that were previously unavailable.

1) Download the Driver/Software package: SimplicitySlate_1.3.5.170922.exe

2) Open the SimplicitySlate_1.3.5.170922.exe driver/software installation package.

3) If a prompt like this appears, Click "More info" (If this prompt does not appear move to the next step.)

Then click "Run anyway".

4) If a white Windows Security prompt appears with "Would you like to install this device software?" written, then click "Install".

5) The Installer will open: Click "Install"

6) It will take a minute to completely install.

7) Once it is finished loading and installing this page will appear:

8) Click "Complete" and your computer will automatically reboot. If it does not automatically reboot, then manually restart your computer.

9) When your computer is completely booted up, plug in the SimplicitySlate USB receiver dongle.

10) Now open the "Pentablet" application. The icon looks like this:

11) If you receive a Warning message that says "Tablet receiver dongle not detected. Insert usb receiver and re-open application." Then unplug the USB dongle, plug it back in and reopen the Pentablet application.

12) Once the application is open you will know that the new driver is installed and working correctly!

13) To maximize the functionality of this new driver, check the "Windows Ink" checkbox at the bottom right. This will allow the Slate and Pen to be pressure sensative. 

14) If you would like to change what monitor the Slate controls, navigate to the top right where it says "Current Screen", the click the drop down box and select the monitor you would like to control. (It will display a preview of the monitor that is selected). After you have selected the monitor you want to control, navigate to the bottom and click "Apply"