Programming Remote to Magnifica Screen

These are the needed steps to program the Remote to a Screen:

The Screen should be all the way UP until it stops automatically (using the
Wall Control).
Please find the "pin hole" excess port in the bottom edge of the Wall
Control (there is a concealed trigger inside).
You will need a paper clip with one end straightened out to be used as a

1. Using the paper clip bent into a "push tool",  Inset the tool into the
Wall Control access hole and HOLD (approx 10 -12 sec) until 1 long
"beep" (beeeeeeeeep).
2. Immediately pull out the tool,  insert it again (pressing the concealed
trigger) and immediately remove it:  After it is removed you should hear 2
short beeps. (beep  beep)
3. Press the UP button (and release button) on the Wall control  and then
press DOWN (and release) on the IR Remote...with the Remote pointed at the
Wall Control.  The Wall Control is the receiver for the Remote and not the
screen.  When you press Down on the Remote, the Remote needs to be at least
16-20 inches away from the Wall Control.   There is about a 6 second window
to complete these steps or they may need repeating.

NOTE:  After the reprogramming is successful and you are using
the Remote, it is not uncommon to have to press a button twice for the
screen to activate.

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  • 29-Nov-2017