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Connecting the Gen 4 SimplicityTouch to your Wireless Network
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Out of the box, the SimplicityTouch is ready to be hard-wired to your network.  To do this, you do not have to adjust any settings, you will insert an ethernet cable to an active wall drop on one end and into the LAN port of the panel.  


The LAN port is located on the bottom of the panel on the opposite side of the power cord.  Generally speaking, being connected to a wired network provides the greatest stability for a network connection.


Connecting to a Wireless Network


  1. Power on the SimplicityTouch and wait for it to boot up to an input screen.
  2. Press the Home button on the remote or on the front of the panel. This will open the on-screen menu display.

  3. Press Settings and then go ahead and click the Wi-Fi tab.

  4. Find and select your network that you are connecting to and then enter the password associated with that network.

  5. Once you enter the password it will be connected and you will be finished.



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