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SimplicityTouch Zaag Touch Diagnostic
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These instructions are for the Recordex SimplicityTouch panels. There are some ST-700 panels that require a different tool for running diagnostics. Click here to access the other tool.


1)  Download the diagnostics application from this link: Touchscreen Diagnostics (Note: This application only works with Windows Operating Systems and will not work on all SimplicityTouch Models.)

2) Connect the PC to the panel that needs to be tested.  Make sure both the video and USB touch cables are connected.

3) Insert a USB flash drive into one of the "Home" USB ports on the panel. We will use this to take screenshots of the results.

4) Open the program "MultiTouchSettings0218.exe" on the computer. 

5) A dialog message may appear. Click "More info", then "Run anyway".


5) The program will now open. Click the "Diagnosis" tab, then click "View".


 6) The sensors will be tested and display a message detailing if any errors occurred. Press the "SNAP" button on the remote control to take a screenshot of the display.

7) If it shows "PASS", then take a short straight object like a business card, index card, credit card, or even cell phone, to run around the edges of the panel frame. This will block the sensors. This will make the status change from PASS to FAIL as it simulates bad sensors. Slowly move the straight object along the edge of the frame slowly covering the sensors along all four sides. Make note of any areas where there are gaps in the sensor readout. If your object is blocking an entire section but there is a gap in the sensor readout data then this indicates a defect and the panel will need to be repaired or replaced.

8) After testing to find bad sensor areas press the SPACE bar to move to the drawing test. Here you will be able to use fingers to draw. Try to draw all over the display to see if you can find any defective areas. Press the "SNAP" button on the remote control when you are finished drawing.

9) When you are finished testing, press the "Esc" button on your keyboard, then send the screenshots to us.


If you are experiencing a failure or have questions, please submit a support ticket: Click Here

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