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Resetting the firmware on your Gen 4 SimplicityTouch via forced update
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Do not attempt the steps listed below unless recommended to do so by Recordex Technical Support.


NOTE: These instructions are only for units that do not boot properly. If your SimplicityTouch operates normally are you are trying to update the FW, click here.

This article is for the Generation 4 SimplictyTouch IFP, if you need help confirming your model generation click here.



If one of the following scenarios is the case for the SimplicityTouch, then follow the steps in this article.

  • The panel will not boot and is stuck on the Recordex boot screen with the Recordex logo.
  • The screen is not on, but the blue LED light is on.
  • The LED light is red and pressing the power button has no effect.


Try the following, if one of the above scenarios applies:

  • Hard power cycle the panel using the power rocker switch next to the power cable. This will sometimes reset the panel and fix this issue.


If that does not work then the next step is to force a FW update on the panel.  Since the panel will not boot up normally the FW update will need to be forced by using the control buttons on the front of the panel.  Follow the steps below to update the FW.

Force updating Gen 4 Firmware

  1. You will need to submit a support ticket in order to receive the correct FW file: Click Here. Be sure to provide the S/N of the unit!

  2. Unzip the FW archive and copy the file mstarupgrade.bin to the root of a USB flash drive.  (Note: the mstarupgrade.bin file cannot be located in a folder or the process will fail, it must be in the root of the USB drive. )

    (i.e. H:\mstarupgrade.bin is okay but H:\FW\Mstarupgrade.bin is not okay).  Also, there can be only one mstarupgrade.bin file in the root at one time.  Note: USB Driver should also be in FAT32 format.
  3. Insert USB flash drive into the port labeled USB 2.0 on the side of your IFP. See diagram below.
  4. Make sure the panel is powered off and the rocker switch is flipped to off (0).
  5. Next, you will need to press the power button on the front of the panel and continue to hold it down. Flip the rocker switch to on (1) while still holding the power button. The power LED will turn blue and after about 5-7 seconds of continuously holding down the power button, the LED will turn red.

    Release the power button when LED turns red. The LED should then blink blue/red and the FW loading screen will show on screen.
  6. Leave the panel alone while the FW is loading. Do not power it off.  After FW is loaded it will reboot and if the process is successful the panel should complete the boot process.  Sometimes the panel may appear stuck during FW update process.  

    If this is the case then leave panel alone for 10 minutes and then power off and on the panel using the power switch next to A/C plug.  It will complete FW update process and reboot.
  7. If the panel completes the boot process then press the Home button on the front of the panel to go to Home screen.  

Note: If nothing seemed to happen during step 6 then try repeating step 6 a few more times.


If none of these solutions help resolve your issue, please submit a support ticket and let us know you've attempted this process: Click Here

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