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SimplicityMic setup and use
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The PDF attachment contains complete instructions for the setup of the SimplicityMic System. To download PDF: Click Here


A user will PAIR the handheld Microphone to the Receiver each time the Mic is powered off/on.


Using the Remote Control (S.M. button) is the easiest way to turn the Mic Mode on/off for daily use in the classroom.  Point the remote control in the direction of the LED sensor on the front of the panel> select S.M. until you see the mode you desire.  The menu will disappear on its own.


When the instructor is not using the SimplicityMic, S.M. should be STANDARD (allowing full amplification of volume from the panel) and when using the amplification, a user should select MIC mode (which mixes the sound from the panel with the Mic and limits feedback).


Enable/Disable Mic Mode

  1. Select the Menu button (use the control buttons on the panel front or the remote control) to enter the Settings menu.

  2. Press the Audio Note icon to enter the Sound Settings.
  3. Touch sound settings and scroll down until you see Mic.
  4. Enable option highlighted.
  5. Change Sound Mode to Mic Enabled (ON).
  6. Set Mix Rate to 33%. A lower mix rate percentage will result in the Panel audio being louder. A higher mix rate percentage will result in the Mic being louder.
  7. Press Back to confirm then Exit.



If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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