Audio Feedback Troubleshooting steps

Is a SimplicityMic connected and enabled? * (please see the attachment for correct set-up)

Are you using the Microphone when you hear the feedback?

No: follow these steps

When Mic is not in use:

1 - Use the remote control (pointed towards the LED sensor on the front of the panel located under the SimplicityTouch logo)

2 – Select the S.M. button and change the setting from Mic to Standard

3 – This should eliminate feedback

Yes: follow these steps

If feedback is present during Mic use:

1 – Locate the Mic receiver on the backside of the panel

2-  Adjust the volume level to 50%

3 – Ensure the volume isn’t up too high on the handheld Microphone

4 – Ensure the volume level of the panel is not higher than 50, as sometimes this can create the feedback

5 – If none of the above resolved the feedback

          a – Select Input from the HomeScreen and then select the Setting

                button on the front of the panel which has a GEAR symbol above it

                (OR the MENU button on the remote control)

           b – Tap the Sound Icon

           c – Scroll down the menu to the Mic. Enabled option and check the

                Mix Rate or set it to 50 if it has been adjusted (It is 50 by default

                unless changed)

*If you do NOT have a SimplicityMic attached, ensure the Mic Enabled Setting is set to OFF and that the Sound Mode (S.M. on the remote control) is set to STANDARD

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  • 21-Aug-2017