SimplicityTouch Training

Thank you for being a valued Recordex customer!  We are excited to help you get acquainted with your new equipment.

For a complete orientation, please click on the following links for a library of support resources.


SimplicityTouch = the Recordex Interactive Flat Panel Hardware

XPress = Recordex proprietary white boarding and annotation software.  Our philosophy is to easily bring multi-media content into your white boarding space.  Available for Windows, Mac, Chrome Browser, and is pre-installed on the android OS of the panel.

XPress for Chrome = a chrome extension available inside the Chrome browser settings.  This allows for annotation and white boarding from within the Chrome browser.

SimplicityTouch - Video Orientation and Basic Overview

SimplicityTouch - Learn the HomeScreen and Bundled Applications

SimplicityTouch Owners Manual

XPress software - Link for download

XPress software - PDF manual

XPress software - video support

Check out "XPress for Chrome"  

Video Support using XPress for Chrome

Do you have a SimplicitySlate?  Helpful resources available - click here!

Do you have a SimplicityCam?  Helpful resources available - click here!

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  • 13-Oct-2017