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Gen3 SimplicityTouch Firmware Update Instructions
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Do NOT attempt a FW update without advisement from either Recordex or a Technical Representative! Updating the firmware will delete all internal data, and reset all settings back to default!


You will need to submit a support ticket in order to receive the correct FW file: Click Here


Firmware update instructions

  1. Once the correct FW file has been downloaded, unzip it to the root folder of a USB flash drive. Note: The "mstarupgrade.bin" file cannot be contained within any folder in order for the update to work. USB Drive should also be in FAT32 format.

  2. Insert USB flash drive into a USB port labeled with the home screen icon.

  3. Power on the panel and wait for it to boot up to an input screen. Then press the Input button on panel or remote.
  4. While the input selection menu is being displayed, use the remote to enter the PIN code for accessing the service menu. The PIN code can be obtained from Recordex Technical Support by opening a support ticket Click Here

  5. Use the remote to select the option Upgrade Main then press OK.
  6. Select confirm.

  7. Wait for the panel to re-boot and it will show the "No Signal" screen. It will require you to select a language and location on the initial boot.



If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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