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Router - Reset configuration when non-responsive (Gen 3)
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These instructions are for all Gen 3 panels.


This will reset the IP settings for router, so that you can regain access to the Router Login screen. It will resolve the error "err_address_unreachable."


If router is non-responsive and resetting the router has not fixed the issue, then follow the instructions to reconnect to the router.


Resolving  “err_address_unreachable”

  1. Go to settings.

  2. Input password.

  3. Select "Network".

  4. Select "Ethernet".

  5. Select "Advanced options".

  6. Select "IP settings".

  7. Select "Static IP".

  8. For IP Address type in “”.

  9. For Gateway type in “”.

  10. For Network prefix length type “24”.

  11. For DNS type “” (This is Google’s public DNS Server).

  12. Leave DNS 2 blank.

  13. After selecting Next, A message should appear at the bottom right of the screen saying “Ethernet connected”. (If there is an ethernet cable plugged in.)

  14. Now go to the Router Settings.

  15. The Router login page should appear, if it does not then move on to step 16.

  16. In the event that you receive the same error and cannot connect to the router go back to the Advanced Network Settings and when selecting “IP settings” choose “DHCP”.


If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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