XSightHD.exe has stopped working

If XSight is randomly closing and displaying a window "XSightHD.exe has stopped working."

1) Ensure you have the latest version of XSight installed - Download

2) Close out of XSight and make sure no instances are running.

3) For Windows 8 / 10 Users:

Navigate to C:\Users\"Username"\AppData\Local\RecordexUSA\XSight HD Viewer

and delete the "config2.ini file.

To do this: Open "File Explorer", click the address bar, and paste "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\RecordexUSA\XSight HD Viewer"

(Note you must remove quotation marks and change "USERNAME" to your username for your computer).

It will look like this:

Locate the "config2.ini file, right-click it and select delete.

For Windows 7 Users:

The config.ini files are stored under the user's Documents folder under "XSightHD" folder.

Delete "config.ini" and "config2.ini" (if present).

4) After deleting any/all config files, make sure the camera is connected, reopen XSight, and select the Recordex camera.

This will solve many issues with XSight randomly crashing or behaving oddly.

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  • 23-Feb-2018