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Fix a Mirrored Image
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Fixing a Mirrored Image while in XSight is really easy!


Fixing the mirrored image

  1. While in XSight, click the Options icon in the bottom left (looks like a gear).

  2. Then either check or uncheck "Mirror and flip input video frame from the main camera". Also, ensure "Save current zoom and rotation position when exiting" is checked. Then click "Save".

  3. If needed, you can then rotate the image using the rotate icon.

  4. Once you have the image oriented correctly, the current settings should save and next time XSight is opened, it should default to this same position.
  5. If the image is still mirrored after following these settings, right-click inside the viewing area and ensure the "Image Effects Tools" toolbar is checked.

  6. Then in the Image Effects Toolbar, click the mirror icon.

If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here
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