SimplicityCam and Microscope Adapter Setup

Follow the instructions below to setup your microscope for use with the Recordex SimplicityCam. Used for models; 5z, 5zAF, or 8zAF.

1) Make USB connection.

Note, the SimplicityCam drivers will install when the camera is plugged in to the computer. No driver pre-installation is required. Simply attach the camera
and wait a few minutes for Windows or OSX to install the drivers.

2) Remove the eyepiece from your microscope and replace with the SC5zMA adapter.

After replacing the eyepiece you can continue to use your microscope as normal. However, now it will also work with your SimplicityCam document camera.

3) Position the SimplicityCam directly over the microscope eyepiece.

The adapter should fit flush with the SimplicityCam lens, as pictured below.

Attached is a PDF with these instructions. You can also view the following youtube video: