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VGA Image Shift - Auto Tune (Black Bar on Third of Screen)
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IF you are connecting to the panel via the VGA port of your computer and the image from your computer is shifted to the left/right with a black bar running down the opposite side. Follow these steps to resolve the issue.


Shifting VGA image

  1. Make sure the panel and computer are on and the input is properly set so that your computer image is displayed on the panel (image will be shifted at this point either to right or to left.).
  2. Select the On-Screen Menu by selecting the GEAR icon on the panel buttons OR press the MENU button on the remote control. 

  3. When the menu appears, you should already be in the PICTURE settings. Scroll down until you see “SCREEN” and select it by tapping on screen or using OK button on remote. 

  4. Once the SCREEN menu appears, select AUTO TUNE at the bottom and the image will be auto adjusted to fit the panel display.

  5. Upon completion, your computer image should appear full screen. You may need to power the panel off and back on to see the results.
  6. If the image is still not fitting the screen properly then please use the ZOOM button on the remote and press it to toggle through options until it is set to 16:9.  If 16:9 does not fill screen properly then try P2P setting.  Normally 16:9 is the correct setting for most displays.



If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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