Sound troubleshooting - is it the panel?

Sometimes the sound from a computer application is muted, volume levels on the computer are low, volume on the computer is not assigned to the LED panel, or a cable is unplugged.  There are a myriad of things that may cause someone to report "No Sound or Sound too low."

Here's a quick and easy test to determine, or eliminate, that the problem is with the sound board of the panel.  Try a quick test playing an audio file running on the Android OS (HomeScreen).  You will need a USB stick with an audio file (song or video) on it.  Follow these steps:

1) Power the panel up

2) Select the HOME button (middle button on panel front)

3) Insert USB (with an audio/video file on it) into one of the 2 front USB ports of the panel 

Here is a test video file if needed:

4) When the USB Dialog box appears, select OK to open the media player application

5) Search for your files by selecting the Local Disk Storage folder > External > Select your audio/video file by tapping it


6) Play the file and manipulate the volume from the remote control, the panel buttons or the screen.  If the volume seems a little low or muffled, check to be sure the panel is in STANDARD sound mode versus MIC mode: Use the Remote Control > Select the S.M. button while pointing the remote towards the SimplicityTouch Logo/LED sensor on the front of the panel) > select S.M. until you see STANDARD in the dialog box top left of the screen.

If it plays with audio, then the panel's sound is okay and troubleshooting from the computer or input will be needed next to identify the culprit.

If your computer is connected to the panel via VGA:

Ensure the audio pig tail is plugged in to your computer audio port> also double check that it's plugged in to the VGA audio port of the panel's VGA input

Ensure that the sound setting on your computer are set to output to the LED panel.

If you are playing audio/video through a web based platform (i.e. YouTube), ensure that the sound setting inside the program is not Muted.