Tips IF YouTube will not play in Stand Alone Mode

The generation 3 SimplicityTouch panel comes standard with 2 different android-based browsers.  The shortcut on the HomeScreen opens the browser called UC Browser and the other is stored under Applications and looks like a Blue Globe.  

NOTE - the panel must be connected to a network to use this feature.  Flash content will not play on the Android OS.  

If you are having difficulty using YouTube on the Android browser:

It is not uncommon for Google to change their settings and remove support of certain Android OS and/or browsers.  For BEST results, we recommend that you view YouTube and other video content when using a connected computer connected to the panel.

However, If you are using one of the Android browsers to play YouTube content and it will not play, you can try these steps:

Launch the Browser of choice (UC Browser launches from the shortcut and AOSP is the Blue Globe located under Applications).  Tap Settings in the top right corner of the browser > Select SETTINGS > Select Browser Layout

In UC Browser - Set Browser Layout to TABLET > Close the browser > launch and try the video again

In AOSP (Blue Globe Browser) - Tap top right to access Settings > Select SETTINGS > Select ADVANCED > Set user agent to IPAD  > Close the browser > launch and try the video again

If neither of these troubleshooting tips resolve the issue, it is safe to assume that either Google has discontinued support for this operating system or the network that the panel is connected may be filtering against Google sites.

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  • 18-Jun-2018