Broward County Public Schools (ONLY) Users XPress License Activation Instructions

Broward County Public Schools
(**If you are another district, please place your request through our helpdesk ticket system.  We will provide you with your License Activation ID/Password).
Thank you for choosing Recordex!  Please follow the below steps for activating your XPress software:
1) Use this link to ensure you install the most current version of the program -
2) When you launch the program, you may be prompted to activate your license.  If you have the current version, you will see this dialog box

3) Select the option for Network License and enter  20161206-1 
The above process is the preferred activation method for your district.  If you have any difficulty at all, you can select "I have Software License" and "Activate Online Now" and manually enter the below activation code:

LICENSE ID:  61523481


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  • 23-Oct-2017