Do you have the latest version of XPress? How to check and update

Recordex releases new features to the XPress software suite approximately once a year during the summer in preparation for the upcoming instructional year.

To see if you have the latest version and/or if updates are available, follow the instructions below.

Open the main menu inside XPress> tap the About tab to locate the current version of XPress you have running. 

Version 2.3 released July 2015

Version 2.5 released July 2016

Version 2.7 released July 2017

Version 2.11 released July 2018

Downloading the latest Version of XPress

Notifications for New Software Updates.

When a new update is released, XPress will display a notification at the top of the display upon starting the application (if the "Notify about software updates" option is enabled in the settings). Click the link to download the latest version of XPress for your Operating System.

To enable Notifications for new software updates, click/tap the settings icon, select the "Options" tab, scroll to the bottom, and enable the "Notify about software updates" option.

Manually check for New Software Updates.

You can also manually check for updates from the XPress settings, under the Options Tab, and selecting "Check for updates".

If you select this when you are using XPress for Android on the SimplicityTouch IFP, it will launch the SimplicityApp Store for you to install the update.

You can also manually open the SimplicityApp Store by pressing the Home button, tap "Applications", then "SimplicityApp Store".

 Updating XPress

Once the download for the latest release of XPress has finished, open the file to begin the update process.

Check that you accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.

On the "Enter License ID" page, select "I have no License ID or I will enter it later" This will use the previous Software License or Network License provided on the last installation. Or it will automatically activate the software as long as a Recordex device is connected to the computer.

 Select the Destination Folder then click Next. On the "Update Notifications" page, leave the "Check for program updates automatically upon startup" box checked to be notified of new XPress releases and updates. Then click "Install" to finish the installation.

Here is a direct link to install the latest public version of XPress on a Windows or OS X device: XPress Download 

Here is a direct link to XPress training materials: XPress Training

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  • 03-Aug-2018