Do you have the latest version of XPress? How to check and update

Recordex releases new features to the XPress software suite approximately once a year.  For Example - cool new features released with version 2.5 included the ability to access saved XPress files and images from your cloud-based storage accounts (GoogleDrive/OneDrive).

*If you open the main menu inside XPress> tap the Accounts tab at the top> and only see Google... then you have the early release of 2.5 and there has been an update since then to include Microsoft accounts.

If you are using a SimplicityTouch panel, you will want to ensure you have the most current version of the XPress application installed on your computer and on the panel.

If your device is running on a network (this works the same for your computer and the Flat Panel), the easiest way to check for updates is from the XPress main menu.

If you select this when you are using XPress for Android (built-in to the panel), then it will launch the SimplicityApp Store for you to install the update. And you will follow the prompts. 

If you are checking for XPress updates from your computer, the link will direct you to our web-site for the software download.

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  • 07-Jul-2017