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Cleaning Disc Duplicator Drive Belts
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Drive Trays, on older duplicators, may begin to stick and refuse to open.  Do you hear a "click" when you press eject but it doesn't open?  Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem.


First, be sure that each drive is still getting power; When the duplicator is turned ON the tiny light on each drive should light up and blink momentarily (depending on the model of the

drive). Once you know that each drive in question has Power then continue with the next steps.


Drives that will no longer open when the Eject Button is pressed

Required Tools:  Rubbing Alcohol (or Lacquer Thinner) and Cotton Swabs (Q Tips)

Follow the instructions to clean the rubber belt on each drive:


  1. To open the drives you may need to use a "push tool" (a straightened out paper clip works well) to manually open each Drive. Insert the paper clip tool in the "pin hole" found on the face of each Drive.

    Give the tool a push and the tray should open enough that you can grab the tray and manually pull it open.

  2. Open the trays and then turn the duplicator OFF.  Each drive contains a small rubber belt between 2 pulleys. You will need a cotton swab (Q Tip) and some 91% rubbing alcohol. The higher the % the better.  The best thing to use is Lacquer Thinner, but you can try the alcohol first.

  3. Wet the Q Tip with alcohol (sling/dab off the excess) and hold it against the inside edge of the rubber belt. Manually push the tray in as far as it can go (without letting go of it)  and pull the tray back out...push in and pull out several times.

    Every time the tray moves in or out the belt will spin, so instead of moving the Q Tip over the belt, you force the belt to move over the Q Tip.  Move the Q tip on the back side of the belt and open/close the tray, then go to the side of the belt and push the tray in and out.  You can also pinch the end of the Q-tip so it will fit inside each pulley groove, opening and closing the tray a few times.

  4. After all the drive belts have been cleaned, dampen a different Q-Tip with WATER only, and wipe around the tray opening (where the tray door fits into the tray opening. Basically you are just "dusting" now.  Picture a desk drawer sticking (when the Drawer Face fits too tight up inside the desk opening).

    You will be wiping off any dust that may be causing the tray face to stick inside the tray opening. Do not use alcohol or any other solvent for these plastic tray parts, only lightly dampen the swab with water.


Only use the alcohol or lacquer thinner on the rubber belt and the 2 belt pulleys. 

Cleaning each belt is the main thing to do here; "dusting" the tray opening is just extra insurance.

The drives that "click" but fail to open when the eject button is pressed, should work after they are cleaned.

If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here

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