Duplicator - How to reset to factory default settings

If you are receiving an error message or the duplicator is acting in a strange manner, then performing a factory reset may be beneficial in the troubleshooting process.

Reload Factory Defaults:

1. Press ESC and HOLD until the start of the long "beep" (approx 2 sec.) and release,  Should see ADV. SETUP  Under Run Protect.
2. Scroll DOWN (using down arrow) until you see LOAD DEFAULT.
3. Press ENT. You should then see  'Load Default config ? Yes'.
4. Press ENT.  It will probably show 'Load Default OK'  or  'Load Default'.
5. Press ESC several times to escape out, and scroll DOWN to 1.COPY.
6. Power OFF the duplicator, wait at least 30 seconds and power back ON.