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Instructions when Swapping ACARD Controller
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This article is lengthy due to the level of detail provided, but the overall process is not very difficult to accomplish.  We do recommend following the detailed instructions as extra tips for success are included.

A summary of the process: you will remove the defective controller with the red SATA cables still attached to the controller and swap the cables over to the new controller. Then place the new cables back inside the duplicator...plugging them back to each drive.

 Be careful of sharp edges inside the case!


How to Swap the ACARD Controller:


  1. Unplug the duplicator from the power source.
  2. Remove the duplicator's cover. Be careful of the sharp edges inside the case when removing the cover! Note: This is either a one piece cover or 2 side covers, depending on the model of your duplicator.  
  3. Notice the red/orange SATA cables plugged into each Drive's rear side (the drive is each tray where you place a disc).

    This SATA cable is either red or orange, approximately 1/2 inch wide, has a tiny black plug on each end with a silver clip, and connects the Controller to each Drive. Here is what a SATA cable looks like:                 

  4. When removing the defective Controller from the duplicator we will also remove the SATA cables still attached to the defective controller. With a sharpie marker, mark each cable close to where it plugs into each drive, mark them as #1 (for top drive), #2, (for 2nd drive), #3, #4, etc.

    Unplug each SATA cable from each Drive. Do not unplug the cables from the Controller (the Controller is the electronic board including the display window and function buttons). You will however, have to unplug the 1 power plug from the Controller (1 plug with 4 individual tiny colored wires. ex. SATA Power or Molex).

    There is NO need to unplug the power plugs from the drives since the drives are not being removed; you only need to unplug the red SATA cables from each Drive because the red SATA cables will be coming out with the bad Controller.

  5. Remove the defective Controller: With all the SATA cables numbered and unplugged from each Drive, remove the 4 screws (2 on each side) from the defective Controller.

    Then the Controller can be slid out the front of the duplicator with one hand, and the other hand can help feed the cables out of the duplicator (cables still attached to defective Controller).

    NOTE: All the plugs in this duplicator are 'Directional' (both the power plugs and the SATA plugs); This means they can only be plugged one way. This is usually not a problem since the plugs are shaped in a way so they will only plug one way.

    You would have to work hard in order to connect a plug into the controller or drive upside down since the shape of the plug and the port would not match.

  6. Place the defective Controller and new Controller side by side and swap each SATA cable from the defective controller over to the new controller. Unplug cable #1 from the defective controller and find the matching port on the New Controller to plug it in.

    Then unplug the #2 cable from the defective controller, and plug it to the matching port on the new controller, unplug the #3 cable, etc, until all the cables are plugged into the rear of the NEW Controller.

    NOTE: Nothing bad will happen if you get some of these SATA cables mixed up.

  7. Install new controller in Duplicator:  Insert the loose end of the cables into the duplicator's open/empty controller slot; feed the cables inside the duplicator's case with the new Controller following behind. The new Controller should now be in the correct position and the 4 screws can be installed to secure it. 
  8. Re-plug the SATA Cables into each Drive: cable #1 would plug into Drive #1, etc.
  9. Re-plug the 1 Power Plug into the new Controller; remember this is the plug with the 4 multi-colored wires.

    Notice the shape of the plug's inside (the slot) to be sure and plug in the power to the controller correctly. 

  10. Put the Cover back On, but you can test the duplicator with the cover off, just be sure you do not handle the 4 main power supply wires that plug to the ON / OFF switch on the Rear of the duplicator.

If none of these solutions help resolve your issue go ahead and submit a support ticket: Click Here


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