Duplicator "Source Drive No Image In" error

This article will explain how to resolve a "Source Drive No Image In" error on a Recordex Duplicator.
For more information on Recordex Duplicators:
Since the words "no image" are involved in the error message, then this means the internal HardDrive is the selected Source (master).  In other words the duplicator is probably looking for the master data to be coming from the Hard Drive, and NOT the top drive tray.  On the duplicator's display, there will likely be a P:A listed, a or P: and another letter of the alphabet. This means that Partition A of the Hard Drive is selected, and not the top disc Drive.  This setting is adjusted under the listing of  8.Select Source (Select Source means "select where you want the master to be").
First step is to reload the Factory Defaults. THEN if needed go to 8.Select Source to select the TOP Drive to be the Source/Master position. (NOTE: Depending on how the controller was wired, the top Drive can sometimes be selected automatically by reloading the defaults.)

Reload Factory Defaults:

1. Press ESC and HOLD until the start of the long "beep" (approx 2 sec.) and release,  Should see ADV. SETUP  Under Run Protect.
2. Scroll DOWN (using down arrow) until you see LOAD DEFAULT.
3. Press ENT. You should then see  'Load Default config ? Yes'.
4. Press ENT.  It will probably show 'Load Default OK'  or  'Load Default'.
5. Press ESC several times to escape out, and scroll DOWN to 1.COPY.
6. Power OFF the duplicator, wait at least 30 seconds and power back ON.
After the unit boots up and shows 1.COPY,

If there is a P:A on the 1.Copy screen (meaning the internal HardDrive is selected):

1) Scroll down to "8. SELECT SOURCE." Press ENT (There should be a 00 displayed)

2) Press the Down Arrow button once and the "00" will change to "01". Press ENT.

3) Press ESC a few times and scroll up/down to get back to 1.COPY.

If you do not see P:A  then skip down and try the test (with no discs) listed below.

TEST to confirm the top drive has been selected as the master:


Take out the master and all copy discs. ALL drives should be empty. With    1. COPY showing on the screen press ENT as if trying to make a copy. The duplicator will go through its process trying to make a copy, but without any discs in the duplicator when it finishes it should report an error message saying "Source Drive not Ready" or "Source Drive Empty". If the duplicator is set correctly then the TOP Drive should be the only drive open (proving that the top drive is indeed the source/master drive).

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  • 12-Jan-2018