Access Built-in XPress Tutorial

If you want to get a head start or just need a skills refresh, our built-in tutorial is a great way to learn the basics of XPress. Follow the steps below to access it.

1) The tutorial should launch the first time you open XPress. If you see the following text box, skip to step 6. If you do not, move on to step 2.

2) Open the menu by clicking the three lines in the top left or right corners. The menu may already be open.

3) Click on the settings gear icon on the bottom of the menu that is open.

4) Slide the marker next to “Show Tutorial on Startup:” so that it turns green.

5) Restart XPress by closing the application.

6) Reopen XPress and the following text box will appear. Click "Yes" and the tutorial video will remain.

7) Click Play to view the tutorial videos.

8) Navigate with the slide selector to view more tutorial videos.

9) Repeat steps 3 to view the tutorial again in the future.

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  • 03-Jan-2020